A little of my story.

I use to never sleep. I’m talking maybe if I was lucky 2 hours a night. This lack of sleep lead to a slew of other issues because sleep is crucial to our health and wellness. This is what lead me to essential oils. I was desperate to find something that could help support my sleep but didn’t leave me feeling groggy in the am. I was completely shocked at how well essential oils helped me. This lead me to research why they actually work and what other ways that I could use them. I use them for just about anything you can think of.

• seasonal issues

• digestive support

• emotional support

• head support

• sleep support

• immune support

If you are curious if essential oils could help you, reach out.


I want to help everyone see how beneficial essential oils are to their health. If you already know you want to take this step click the link below and I will get you plugged into educational groups and send you a welcome packet! Let’s do this friends!